Since the Salvation weapon was fired a new type of Guardian relic has been established. We can now charge up the Guardian relics on the Thargoid machines by putting three relics into the machine and scanning it with the SRV scanner.

The onboard ships computer doesnt recognise these new relics as yet. As you can see below.

What you need to know

You will need a Thargoid sensor and three Guardian relics. Enter the relics into a Thargoid machine and scan the machine with your SRV scanner. This will activate the Thargoid machine and then turn the relics green which signifies they are now as yet an UNCLASSIFIED RELIC. You will need to load up your ship with three relics and a sensor. The Thargoid sensor is used to open the door to the Thargoid bases. You will need to Jettison the relics and sensor from your ships cargo hold then disembark from your ships and pick up the jetissoned cargo into the SRV. Then head to the Thargoid base and proceed to charge them up.

Where to get these :

Thargoid sensors are scattered about on HIP 17403
Guardian Relics can be harvested from Synuefe EU-Q c21-10



So it turns out Ram Tah & professor Palin are both interersted in these UNCLASSIFIED RELICS. So much so that they are willing to pay independant pilots 1.1m credits for each one delivered to them. How long these will remain at 1.1m each is anyones guess.