So today saw an interesting turn of events. Over the wire came a message about something strange called an ‘Unknown Link’

Just as predicted, it seems that Canonn’s new mega ship maybe tied into the Alien story progression. It seems we need to be searching for an ‘Unknown Link’ It’s been noted that we need to search 130-150Ly’s from the MAIA system near Ammonia worlds, possibly hidden inside military convoy USS’ like the ‘Unknown Probe’ discoveries. Subsequent new commodities appearing in a station called ‘Philips Terminal’ in the CD-72 190 system marketplace over a month ago adds further substance to the mystery.

System : CD-72 190Starport : Philips Station

Alright boys and girls. The show is over. The Gnosis will sail. It’s time to get to work.

We need to find an Unknown Link …

All we know is that it is a commodity, like the UA and the UP. The name is interesting. What does it link together?

History tells us that the cargo holds of military convoys, is a good place to look.

If the UL is some sort of link between UAs and UPs, we may also find them in a common spawn location. Near ammonia worlds, in the UA shell (135-150ly from Merope).

Lets show the galaxy that we deserve the Gnosis.

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