Another INRA facility has been located, this one is at LP 389-95 planet 7 (57.96 50.03). It was a medical research facility working on a vaccine for the Mycoid virus. Perhaps INRA wanted to develop a vaccine in order to “bargain” with the Thargoids? We have the power to destroy you, oh and here’s the vaccine to stop the spread of the Mycoid. Perhaps we will have a choice to make in the future. Humans can decide whether to release the Mycoid and destroy the Thargoids or choose to deploy the Vaccine. I wonder if another event like the Salome event is on the cards . . . ?

Audio Logs Vaccine

From the audio logs recovered at the facility, a senior medical officer called Kiona Li describes how she was tasked with creating the vaccine for INRA. Once the vaccine had been developed and tested on live subjects both Human and Thargoid, the facility was shut down and all data transferred to servers at INRA head quarters.


So we now have proof of the Mycoid virus, INRA and the Vaccine that is both safe for Humans and Thargoids.

Perhaps we should all say thank you to INRA ?

I mean, INRA developed a deadly biological weapon that ended the war with the Thargoids (thanks!) and developed a vaccine for the Mycoid virus that was safe on humans, oh and helped stop the spread of the virus within the Thargoid worlds.

Yay, cheers INRA !