Thargoid Sensor, Where To Find One?

Thargoid sensors are scattered around the bubble. They can be found at crashed wreck sites. The most notable one is on HIP 17403. You can head on over to that system, do quick surface scan and voila, the ship wreck will reveal itself.

Head down to the surface of the planet, where you will find numerous Thargoid Sensors laying around the crashed alien ship wreck. Grab as many as you need.

What’s it for ?

It’s the only thing that will open the door to the Thargoid Structure. I use them to enter Thargoid Structures and activate the Thargoid Device inside. They can also be used to decode new Thargoid Structure sites around the galaxy, once programmed with the sound from the Thargoid Device.

System: HIP 17403
Body: A 4 A
COORDS : -34.99, -141.43