Tip Off Missions

A tip off mission can lead us to some pretty amazing locations and discoveries in Elite Dangerous. They arrive in the form of a message in the information panel. The messages can contain hint’s to a planet or coordinates to a location. As an explorer, I can’t help myself when one of these messages arrive’s in my inbox. I have to go and check it out. Most of them so far have been crashed ships.

I have found these points of interest to be persistent for many months. Sometimes, clean up crews are reported to be on there way, but so far I haven’t seen anything disappear.

Behind each crash is a story. The stories have revealed some very strange activities, out there, in the black. I’m not saying “Thargoids” – even though I just did! but it seems very strange and spooky to me that these ships keep mentioning “weird looking ships” and “being pulled from hyperspace jump” and “I saw a a bright light, then the ship systems lit up!”

If you receive any messages like these – please notify Canonn by posting it to the forum thread. It might not seem important to you, but it might be the key to something much bigger.

Fly safe CMDR’s !